A Walk Through The Burbling Blues Of Jodhpur

A wonderful piece of review on Jodhpur and Ajit Bhawan by one of our guests 🙂


What can be as incredible as going to a new town and living the life of a local there? Going to a beautiful city and live a day like a royal 😀 Wondering which town I am talking about? When the word ‘royal’ is mentioned, the brain automatically jumps to one name – Rajasthan.


Although I have been born and brought up in this land of royals, it is now that I am truly witnessing the varied faces and colors of Rajasthan. Coming back to the point, on an office road trip few days back, I visited the famous and surreal blue city – Jodhpur, for the very first time in my life. A die hard lover of road trips (good company and good music are obvious prerequisites), I have always valued them more than any other kind of journey, the reason being – watching the roads take…

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