Exclusive dinner at 1100 years old step well

Rawla Narlai

RawlaNarlai- the exquisite Heritage Resort in Narlai

Holidays are over but you are still in mood to splurge on luxurious holidays and winter breaks. Scroll no more here is a destination for you! Rawla Narlai, a lesser known posh and royal heritage resort in Rajasthan that offers an experience of Royal Rajasthani hospitality beyond imaginations. Read further to experience a virtual delight leading to a titillation for quick trip to Narlai 🙂


Fancy an evening in true Rajasthani fervour – dress up for dinner with Rajput turbans and vales.  Sip in some wine with canapés at Rawla Narlai J bar, while the adorned bullock carts are lined up for your transportation through the streets of Narlai and into the wilderness by a lantern bearing guide. Experience the evening village wrapping up, pass the dramatic starlit scenery, and listen to some hymns next to a blazing fire where the yogi meditates by day. Just as you begin to enjoy the sway of the cart you reach 1100 years old step-well –Ambabag, a mesmerizing setup that promises to transport you into a magical level of existence. Illuminated with thousands of oil lamps the step well dining experience at Narlai ferries guests back to the 6th century Rajasthan.

Rawla Narlai

The bullock cart taking guests to the step well for exquisite dining experience.

Rawla Narlai

Guests enjoying their journey to step wells on Bullock cart.

Rawla Narlai

The 1100 years old stepwell.- Ambabagh

stepwell dining by Rawla Narlai

Dining under the starry sky overlooking this beautifully earthen pot lit step well is an experience beyond imagination.

Call for bookings +91 291 2513333 +91 9928754913, 9587444413

Visit : http://rawlanarlai.com


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