Rawla Narlai…. a piece of heaven hidden in Rajasthan

Rawla Narlai

Rajasthan is a treasure trove of mesmeric heritage and one can spend years trying to unearth its hidden gems. Every time a tourist visits a new destination, he get awe-struck by its culture, architecture, history, traditions and overall beauty. Narlai, for instance, has the kind of impact on hidden destination explorer that will blow you away.

Rawla Narlai Rawla Narlai

As soon you’ll enter the hamlet, amazed by the beauty, you’ll just blindly follow further to experience more. And, the experience will make you curious…force you to look for more of such hidden gems of Rajasthan.

Rawla Narlai Rawla Narlai


Set in the heart of lush Aravalli Hills is the haven of posh luxuries and premium heritage Rawla Narlai! Rawla Narlai is a delightful 17th Century hunting lodge of the Jodhpur royal family. This lesser known boutique resort has been lovingly restored, full of its original charm and kept hidden from the masses.

Rawla Narlai

The 25 rooms and tents are scattered throughout the property among the various gardens and Bougainvillea drenched verandas. The nearby lake, village and imposing rock offer plenty to while away the days at this unique heritage resort in Narlai.

Reservations www.rawlanarlai.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajitbhawanjodhpur/?fref=ts



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