A Royal’s Muse …. Mesmeric Suite at Ajit Bhawan


Welcome to a  Maharaja’s muse from the time of yore where you’ll be taken onto a rosy sojourn of splendid ambiences plush with rainbow hues and an overflow of royalty oozing out from grand chandelier and breathtaking interior.

Splashed with velvety pink and white hues, the plush suite in Ajit Bhawan oozes out unsurpassed magnificence of Rajasthan’s erstwhile royalty. The ornamented trimmings, silk curtains and numerous decorative pillows reflect the timeless grandeur of Rajasthan. As soon you enter this imperial abode of rich era, you’ll feel like you have entered the world of fairytale from Royal Rajasthan.

773A8823_tonemapped (2)

Occupying 625 sq ft area, this suite offers a large sitting room leading off towards the bedroom which has beautifully engraved idols on the walls. Divine statues of Ramdev ji, gilded bed chest lamps beautifully balance the lure of glowing pink walls of this magnificent suite. Moreover, the graceful windows in this alluring pad are open to the most impressive views of shimmering swimming pool to render an unimagined experience of regalia and upscale serenity.

Each corner, each turn of this gorgeous living space among the exquisite Ajit Suites at Ajit Bhawan narrates the grandeur of an urbane impression of Rajasthan’s imperial lifestyle.


Reservations at http://www.ajitsuites.com/contact.html




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