Relive the Heritage of Rajasthan in the 150 years old Room


You must be aware of the hotel suites and the kinds of other luxury hotel suites, characterized by huge beds, a better mini bar and maybe a work desk of a sort. But wait, there comes this luxury hotel suit, which is intriguing for the historical value it holds!

150 Years old Room at Ajit Bhawan

The 150 years old room on the first floor of Rawla Narlai (a luxury heritage resort near Jodhpur) is regarded special as it still holds some well preserved impressions in wall paintings and furniture from the glorious era.

ancient room 2

The vintage Room is grand with original Art Deco; mahogany panelled interior leading off to splendid balcony fragrant with Bougainvillea. The well maintained ancient room is fully furnished in antique style to elevate your mood, and you’ll feel like you are transported back to the 150 years’ era. The ancient wall paintings with typical ancient furniture ensure you a stay at the room which was once used by the Maharajas of Jodhpur.

Rawla Narlai Resort

Sustained for an ultimate stay experience, the 150 years old room with other mesmeric rooms and suites, offers a once in a lifetime memory to the guests at Rawla Narlai !

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