New Luxury comes to Ajit Suites

Vacationers in Jodhpur have something to celebrate this weekend; the Ajit Suites are here to render serendipitous warmth and unbound peace to the guests at Ajit Bhawan Palace.
A lush aroma of royalty’s rich ambiences and sleek tapestry beautifully narrates a romantic tale of regalia in the suite you are just about to enter.


Slither into this peaceful and exquisite room with fancy and supreme luxuries that will keep you indulged in with ease. The majestically decorated suite styled on the British Raj days of fireplaces and library is spread over 700 sq ft. Kingly bed with alcove curtains, tiger print furnishing, a medieval hunter’s priced possessions and some impressive portraits of royal Caesars have made it one of the most sought after rooms in the palace.

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Embracing the two impressive entry points, one of which is from Maharaj’s own palace, this leisurely room renders a fanciful and gratifying experience to the discerning guests at Ajit Bhawan.

Ajit Suites – an experience that ignites tranquil moments of luxury in your soul.







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