Murad Osmann follows his girlfriend through magnificent Jodhpur in Instagram series !

The Russian couple Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova Osmann are globally popular for their breathtaking, creative “Follow Me” travel series. Since then, the two have ventured to even more remote locations, eventually landing in India recently. Their series of photographs in Jodhpur caught our attention.

It was there that the couple captured a series of colorful, stunning and fabulous images that depicted the people, style and natural beauty of the Blue City. Take a look at their voyage through the azure shades of Jodhpur, which highlights everything from tourist magnets like the Mehrangarh Fort to the vibrant locales like the palaces of Jodhpur and mesmeric remote streets.

jodhpur 4Jodhpur 2jodhpur3I

Images 1, 2, 3 

If you also wish to travel to the azure land of Jodhpur like the traveler couple then look no further. Ajit Bhawan offers you a truly mesmeric experience of the beautiful Blue City from the regal luxuries of India’s First Heritage Hotel!

cropped-img_2579.jpgIMG_2146Ajit SuitesIMG_2136

Plan a holiday in Jodhpur with Ajit Bhawan Palace 🙂

Ajit Bhawan Palace – an experience that ignites tranquil moments of luxury in your soul.







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