Enjoy Adventurous Activities with Rawla Narlai


Rajasthan is best known for its fascinating architecture and breathtaking scenes it has to offer. The adventurous holidays in Rajasthan are also emerging faster than any other activity. Discover Narlai as part of your experience based holiday where the experts at Rawla Narlai will gladly help you plan your tailor-made Narlai adventure.


Perched comfortably midway between Jodhpur and Udaipur, Rawla Narlai is an exotic heritage resort that not only offers an ultra luxurious holiday to the travelers but also make arrangements for exciting adventurous activities in the town.


Here we have listed few of the most exciting adventurous and indulgent activities for you..



“The view from the Narlai hill is spectacular”– This is the comment that is often heard when the guests who stay at Rawla Narlai choose to climb the Narlai hill. The statue of the white elephant on the summit of the Narlai hill offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and the village below. A guided climb of over 700 steps to the summit of this hill gives a spectacular view of sunrise or sunset. Watch the glorious sunrise or sunset while sipping hot tea and you will feel completely charged and invigorated.



For those who would like to explore this splendid countryside on foot, Rawla Narlai has a few routes that you can choose from which last not more that few hours. Our guide who is well versed with this area takes you around the rocky terrain where you can enjoy a picnic in the open countryside. Feel the silence around you and return back to the hotel with beautiful scenic photos that you will be bound to click.



The rugged Godwad countryside around Narlai suits the leopards and over a period the number has increased. Experience the thrill of customized ride on our jeeps for a sighting of this beautiful and graceful cat. Not easy to spot as they blend very well into the background, these cats can sometimes be seen sunning themselves on the rocks or resting under the shade of a tree. Unlike the lions, leopards do not stay in a pride and are solitary by nature and have large territories that they roam in. But sometimes they can be spotted in pairs. It is a very exciting activity that Rawla Narlai offers.



Over 100 steps into the Narlai hill takes you to a temple inside this hill which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that the great Indian Sage Shri Narad meditated here to please Lord Shiva and that’s how the village got its name. Later at some point in time the devotees constructed this temple. Simple yet beautiful this temple is worth a visit. The silence and beauty of this temple will captivate you.

Rajasthan stark and sensuous, beckons you to its Aravalli hills, where the sheer magic of Rawla Narlai will mesmerize you!  Visit www.rawlanarlai.com

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