The Royal experiences of Jodhpur’s heritage at Ajit Bhawan


Welcome to a  Maharaja’s muse from the time of yore, where you’ll be taken onto a promising holiday of fine settings within breathtaking interior.

Marked with pink and white tones, the suite in Ajit Bhawan reflects glory of Rajasthan’s royalty. The decked trimmings, silk curtains and brightly colored pillows take you back to the ageless charm of Rajasthan. As soon you enter the premises , you can feel the warmth of its people and the culture for which Rajasthan is famous for.

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Occupying 625 sq ft area, this suite offers a large sitting room leading off towards the bedroom which has beautiful idols engraved on the walls. Divine statues of Ramdev ji, gilded bed chest lamps with glowing pink walls will set your mood for a soothing and relaxing break. Moreover, the windows open to the most beautiful views of shimmering swimming pool to enjoy.

Each corner, of this living space among the exquisite Ajit Suites at Ajit Bhawan narrates the story of Rajasthan’s routine lifestyle.

Moreover, every space of the suite is made to take care of travellers individual needs.


So, if you are looking for the best places to relax and unwind, look no further and book your stay at Ajit Suites!

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