Serene ambience and all synonyms of luxury- presenting Ajit Suite-4


Evoking the cast of sea and skies with an imperial touch of class, the blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style to you when you plan to live the beautiful moments of your life at our tastefully decorated suite within Ajit Suites by Ajit Bhawan.

773A2562_tonemapped copy

Painstakingly embellished in shades of sea blu and milky whites , this suite yields calm and collected ambience enriched with contemporary work of art in paintings of Hindu Lords Krishna and Shiva Parvati. This suite is spread over 850 sq ft area and maintains its character of grandeur by its sheer size.

Ajit Suites

In this grand sized vacation setup, soothing azure walls let white mirror work linings take centre stage. Maintaining its own character of grandeur, the suite offers two side entries into its lavish bath area to bring comfort and style to the suite.

Ajit Suites

Turquoise curtains unveil an uninterrupted view of the refreshing greens as you step out of blue aura of the room. The two private sit-outs provide a serene view of the gardens and ample breeze to relax in.

Ajit Suites

The stay at Ajit Suites is an ultra luxurious and the most cherished affair. The evenings too proceed to a memorable and magical time at “Dhani”, where amidst the rustic and earthy setting our guests enjoy the true Rajasthani flavors. Each dish here is carefully prepared to ignite your taste buds and leave you wanting more.



Ajit Suites – an experience that ignites tranquil moments of luxury in your soul.



Immerse in the Rustic Grandeur of Suite-11 at Ajit Bhawan


When booking rooms for your vacation, you may be wondering whether to book a room or a suite? This time allow yourself to spend a little more and experience the marveling comforts and luxuries of a royal heritage suite in Jodhpur!

A suite makes you feel like you are living in a micro apartment inside the hotel. They are very spacious with the best views and amenities that a hotel has to offer. Let us take you to one of our most exotic suites at Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur.

A sublime realm

Reflecting times of eld

Haven for the jaded

A sweet mystery it beheld


Reflecting the indulgent taste of Rajasthan’s royalty, this room tastefully carries the marks of heritage through various pieces of art and portraits on the walls. The spacious room is brightly hued with the blend of beige and white. Medieval water pitchers, a vintage swing and huge fan made of fabric add to the grandeur of this colonial style room. A tender heaven for the tired travelers, this suite unfolds a sweet mystery from its green corridors.


Moreover, a separate entrance leading to this suite which is spread over 1125 sq ft is rustic in design and feel. Delicately decorated with beige and white furnishings, the king sized beds with antique swing and vintage fabric fan carries the mark of the heritage feel that unfolds here. Lattice windows, wooden artifacts on the wall tastefully placed in the room to enhance the character of the private sitting room that this suite provides. The spacious bathroom in this suite is as luxurious as the entire aura of the pad and the cozy extension of the balcony provides a beautiful vista of green gardens.


This marvelous suite in Ajit Bhawan is designed with a touch of luxury and furnished with a breathtaking range of facilities to make your stay comfortable in Jodhpur. Book this suite now as the lavish and elaborate atmosphere of the hotel will take you into the new splendid world of Royal Rajasthani Grandeur.


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Murad Osmann follows his girlfriend through magnificent Jodhpur in Instagram series !

The Russian couple Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova Osmann are globally popular for their breathtaking, creative “Follow Me” travel series. Since then, the two have ventured to even more remote locations, eventually landing in India recently. Their series of photographs in Jodhpur caught our attention.

It was there that the couple captured a series of colorful, stunning and fabulous images that depicted the people, style and natural beauty of the Blue City. Take a look at their voyage through the azure shades of Jodhpur, which highlights everything from tourist magnets like the Mehrangarh Fort to the vibrant locales like the palaces of Jodhpur and mesmeric remote streets.

jodhpur 4Jodhpur 2jodhpur3I

Images 1, 2, 3 

If you also wish to travel to the azure land of Jodhpur like the traveler couple then look no further. Ajit Bhawan offers you a truly mesmeric experience of the beautiful Blue City from the regal luxuries of India’s First Heritage Hotel!

cropped-img_2579.jpgIMG_2146Ajit SuitesIMG_2136

Plan a holiday in Jodhpur with Ajit Bhawan Palace 🙂

Ajit Bhawan Palace – an experience that ignites tranquil moments of luxury in your soul.






Rawla Narlai- the heritage resort of Rajasthan

Rawla Narlai

Handsomely situated on the way to Ranakpur countryside, Rawla Narlai is a lush heritage resort, which offers travellers the chance to unwind in a beautiful natural ambience and at the same time experience the grandeur of royalty.  The well appointed 26-room heritage resort is part of a 17th century fort that sits in a small busy village of Narlai, in the heart of the Aravalli Hills.


Rawla Narlai is full of inimitable character for its ancient frescos in more than 150 years old room, strategically hidden courtyards replete with intricately carved doorways and magnificent arches.

ancient room 1


The glistening swimming pool is an eye charmer, as well as the option of dining at various locations like roof top, outer courtyard and Rajasthani restaurant, adds to the delight of staying here.



What’s more, Rawla Narlai is on a very close distance to Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh fort, home to exquisite Jain and Hindu temples. Rawla Narlai remains a favourite holiday destination of explorers and luxury travellers as it is intimate and interestingly not touched by many tourists.

Rawla NarlaiRawla Narlai


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Relive the Heritage of Rajasthan in the 150 years old Room


You must be aware of the hotel suites and the kinds of other luxury hotel suites, characterized by huge beds, a better mini bar and maybe a work desk of a sort. But wait, there comes this luxury hotel suit, which is intriguing for the historical value it holds!

150 Years old Room at Ajit Bhawan

The 150 years old room on the first floor of Rawla Narlai (a luxury heritage resort near Jodhpur) is regarded special as it still holds some well preserved impressions in wall paintings and furniture from the glorious era.

ancient room 2

The vintage Room is grand with original Art Deco; mahogany panelled interior leading off to splendid balcony fragrant with Bougainvillea. The well maintained ancient room is fully furnished in antique style to elevate your mood, and you’ll feel like you are transported back to the 150 years’ era. The ancient wall paintings with typical ancient furniture ensure you a stay at the room which was once used by the Maharajas of Jodhpur.

Rawla Narlai Resort

Sustained for an ultimate stay experience, the 150 years old room with other mesmeric rooms and suites, offers a once in a lifetime memory to the guests at Rawla Narlai !

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Exclusive dinner at 1100 years old step well

Rawla Narlai

RawlaNarlai- the exquisite Heritage Resort in Narlai

Holidays are over but you are still in mood to splurge on luxurious holidays and winter breaks. Scroll no more here is a destination for you! Rawla Narlai, a lesser known posh and royal heritage resort in Rajasthan that offers an experience of Royal Rajasthani hospitality beyond imaginations. Read further to experience a virtual delight leading to a titillation for quick trip to Narlai 🙂


Fancy an evening in true Rajasthani fervour – dress up for dinner with Rajput turbans and vales.  Sip in some wine with canapés at Rawla Narlai J bar, while the adorned bullock carts are lined up for your transportation through the streets of Narlai and into the wilderness by a lantern bearing guide. Experience the evening village wrapping up, pass the dramatic starlit scenery, and listen to some hymns next to a blazing fire where the yogi meditates by day. Just as you begin to enjoy the sway of the cart you reach 1100 years old step-well –Ambabag, a mesmerizing setup that promises to transport you into a magical level of existence. Illuminated with thousands of oil lamps the step well dining experience at Narlai ferries guests back to the 6th century Rajasthan.

Rawla Narlai

The bullock cart taking guests to the step well for exquisite dining experience.

Rawla Narlai

Guests enjoying their journey to step wells on Bullock cart.

Rawla Narlai

The 1100 years old stepwell.- Ambabagh

stepwell dining by Rawla Narlai

Dining under the starry sky overlooking this beautifully earthen pot lit step well is an experience beyond imagination.

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Ajit Bhawan introduces Ajit Suites

Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur

Ajit Bhawan is an experience that creates tranquil luxury in your soul. We are now happy to introduce Ajit Suites at the Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur. The erstwhile elegance of the royal Rajputana era can be well sensed in these suites, which are embellished with fine luxuries and princely comforts.

Ajit Bhawan

As soon as you enter the premises of Ajit Bhawan, a sense of erstwhile era of the royalty comes to focus. Arrival at our lobby greets you with ethnic warm welcome and the palace butlers waiting to escort you into your rooms.

Ajit Bhawan Entrance

Carefully chosen, these antique artifacts adorn every corner, each with its unique history, delights the aesthetic senses.

Uniquely ornamented in distinctive hues, glowing in the radiance of a rich legacy, each suite of Ajit Bhawan bestows an mélange of elegance and modern luxurious amenities.


Experience the erstwhile grandeur of Jodhpur’s royalty at Ajit Suites by Ajit Bhawan. Discover the magnificence of each suite at
Ajit Bhawan
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Hello world! Welcome to the First Heritage Hotel of India

Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur

When the entire world was fascinated about the grandeur and magnificence of Rajasthan and the kingly lifestyle of its Maharajas and Maharanis, the Rajput scions of Jodhpur introduced the first Heritage Hotel of India named Ajit Bhawan.

Plunge into an experience exclusively meant for the royal connoisseurs…

An imposing blend of crisp luxuries and impressive heritage, Ajit Bhawan stands as an epitome of self- indulgent and upscale hospitality in Jodhpur. Come indulge in luxuries and premium hospitality and rich heritage of Rajasthan with Ajit Bhawan!