Serene ambience and all synonyms of luxury- presenting Ajit Suite-4


Evoking the cast of sea and skies with an imperial touch of class, the blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style to you when you plan to live the beautiful moments of your life at our tastefully decorated suite within Ajit Suites by Ajit Bhawan.

773A2562_tonemapped copy

Painstakingly embellished in shades of sea blu and milky whites , this suite yields calm and collected ambience enriched with contemporary work of art in paintings of Hindu Lords Krishna and Shiva Parvati. This suite is spread over 850 sq ft area and maintains its character of grandeur by its sheer size.

Ajit Suites

In this grand sized vacation setup, soothing azure walls let white mirror work linings take centre stage. Maintaining its own character of grandeur, the suite offers two side entries into its lavish bath area to bring comfort and style to the suite.

Ajit Suites

Turquoise curtains unveil an uninterrupted view of the refreshing greens as you step out of blue aura of the room. The two private sit-outs provide a serene view of the gardens and ample breeze to relax in.

Ajit Suites

The stay at Ajit Suites is an ultra luxurious and the most cherished affair. The evenings too proceed to a memorable and magical time at “Dhani”, where amidst the rustic and earthy setting our guests enjoy the true Rajasthani flavors. Each dish here is carefully prepared to ignite your taste buds and leave you wanting more.



Ajit Suites – an experience that ignites tranquil moments of luxury in your soul.



Immerse in the Rustic Grandeur of Suite-11 at Ajit Bhawan


When booking rooms for your vacation, you may be wondering whether to book a room or a suite? This time allow yourself to spend a little more and experience the marveling comforts and luxuries of a royal heritage suite in Jodhpur!

A suite makes you feel like you are living in a micro apartment inside the hotel. They are very spacious with the best views and amenities that a hotel has to offer. Let us take you to one of our most exotic suites at Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur.

A sublime realm

Reflecting times of eld

Haven for the jaded

A sweet mystery it beheld


Reflecting the indulgent taste of Rajasthan’s royalty, this room tastefully carries the marks of heritage through various pieces of art and portraits on the walls. The spacious room is brightly hued with the blend of beige and white. Medieval water pitchers, a vintage swing and huge fan made of fabric add to the grandeur of this colonial style room. A tender heaven for the tired travelers, this suite unfolds a sweet mystery from its green corridors.


Moreover, a separate entrance leading to this suite which is spread over 1125 sq ft is rustic in design and feel. Delicately decorated with beige and white furnishings, the king sized beds with antique swing and vintage fabric fan carries the mark of the heritage feel that unfolds here. Lattice windows, wooden artifacts on the wall tastefully placed in the room to enhance the character of the private sitting room that this suite provides. The spacious bathroom in this suite is as luxurious as the entire aura of the pad and the cozy extension of the balcony provides a beautiful vista of green gardens.


This marvelous suite in Ajit Bhawan is designed with a touch of luxury and furnished with a breathtaking range of facilities to make your stay comfortable in Jodhpur. Book this suite now as the lavish and elaborate atmosphere of the hotel will take you into the new splendid world of Royal Rajasthani Grandeur.


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Jodhpur Railway Station gets a new artistic and palatial makeover


A traveler loves to keep moving forward, visiting new places, and doing new things, because he’s curious and curiosity keeps leading him down new countries, new cities! If we ask, what is that one thing that immediately catches your attention and influences your views about the city you land in? Off course the look of its Railway Station or Airport!

To delight the tourists coming to Rajasthan, the state tourism department has started an initiative to revamp its various Railway Stations with attractive and vibrant traditional art work and Rajasthani paintings. Following the Railway Stations of Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur and Bikaner, now Jodhpur joins the group!!


Jodhpur Railway Station has been around since 1885 to be precise. And now it gets a brand new look with colorful and artistic paintings all over to amaze the tourists in the Blue City! To change the look of this ancient station of Rajasthan, regional artwork has been painted on its ceilings, walls and pillars. Mesmerizing geometrical flowers, kings, queens and royal lifestyle are depicted, making the station look both colorful and artistic.


As Jodhpur is a major tourist destination, this effort will sure be appreciated by tourists. Moreover, it is also a matter of pride for the localites, not just to see tourism department trying to bring something new but also to see their local art being promoted in such a beautiful way.



This is not all, Jodhpur rail division has also penned and composed its glory song and this has been prepared by rail personnel themselves. The song is played at the station occasionally!

Isn’t it exciting!!  Wouldn’t you want to visit the Blue City for its all new and artistically done Railway Station? For hotel bookings, make reservations now:

Jodhpur RIFF- Best Time to Visit the Blue City!


Winter’s chilling breeze, brighter moon nights, and the songs of the desert!! On splendid chilling October evenings, when the sun is setting and the sky is filled with orange and reddish hues, you hear light music passing by your ears and the wind embracing your skin gently. You must already be fancying a festive ambiance but the actual experience is truly beyond words.


Do you know what the most amazing part of this festival is? It is the performances at dawn with the backdrop of illuminated Mehrangarh fort, Jaswant Thada and clock tower!  Everybody wrapped in shawls and sweaters occupy their place on the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, to enjoy the enthralling music of Rajasthani Folk musicians.  This is undoubtedly a soulful musical festival much far from conventional electronica, rock-metal clones, or mainstream tunes.


The organizing team tastefully brings the best of folk musicians from across the world and into an unparalleled fusion with the traditional artists of Rajasthani folk, the Langas and the Manganiyars. You can imagine a melodious confluence of west and the east , the Rabab and Jazz, the Sarangis and Guitars, Violins and Morchang! Various artists, languages, instruments and music genres meet and jam on the main stage. This is exactly how the setting of Jodhpur’s Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) is, which is conducted every year in and around Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort.


Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival is among the world’s top 25 music concerts which soak you totally into Rajasthani culture. This year, the fest is being conducted from 13th to 17th October. The event goes on from day to night where amazing performers showcase their area of expertise and enthrall the spectators. From Rajasthani folk music to traditional dances, from circus acts to plays, everything keeps people engaged throughout.


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The Festival should not to be missed by anyone because this can only be experienced once in a year. The schedule for this year’s RIFF is as below:

Date Event(s) Time Venue
13-Oct Children’s Folk Morning 9.30 AM to 2.00 PM Veer Durgadas Memorial Park,


Opening Night – Variety City Concert 8.30 PM to 10.00 PM
14-Oct 1)      Jodhpur RIFF DAWNS with the Meghwal of Marwar 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM Jaswant Thada (outside

Mehrangarh Fort)

2)      Kahaniyan Kahan hai? 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM Chokelao Bagh (Mehrangarh


3)      Living Legends I 5.45 PM to 7.15 PM Lift Terrace

(Mehrangarh Fort)

4)      MOODY RIFF 7.45 PM onwards Old Zenana Courtyard

(Mehrangarh Fort)

5)      Desert Lounge (all acoustic, traditional – from Rajasthan) 11.30pm onwards Rao Jodha Park (Mehrangarh


15-Oct 1)      RIFF DAWNS with Bhaga Khan Manganiyar 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM Jaswant Thada (outside

Mehrangarh Fort)

2)      Where do we go from here? An interaction with the next generation of Langa and Manganiyar musicians and their teachers. In Residence II – a series of interactive sessions with our custodians of culture 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM Chokelao Bagh (Mehrangarh


3)      Living Legends II 5.45 PM to 7.15 PM Lift Terrace

(Mehrangarh Fort)

4)      STRINGS and BEATS 7.45 PM onwards Old Zenana Courtyard (Mehrangarh Fort)
5)      CLUB MEHRAN 11.30 PM onwards Venue to be confirmed
16-Oct 1)      RIFF DAWNS with Smita Bellur 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM Jaswant Thada (outside Mehrangarh Fort)
2)      Winds of the Thar – The aero-phonic instruments of Rajasthan In Residence III – a series of interactive sessions with our custodians of culture 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM Chokelao Bagh (Mehrangarh Fort)
3)      MOONRISE SPECIAL 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm Jaswant Thada (outside Mehrangarh Fort)
4)      INSIGHTS 7.30 PM onwards Old Zenana Courtyard (in Mehrangarh Fort)
5)      RIFF Rustle at Club Mehran with Ben Walsh and a pick of Rajasthani and international artists from the festival 11.30 PM onwards Old Zenana Courtyard (in Mehrangarh Fort)
17-Oct RIFF DAWNS with Jasleen Kaur Monga and Gurmat sangeet 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM Jaswant Thada (outside Mehrangarh Fort)

Revel in the festivities of Jodhpur RIFF and experience a luxurious stay at the royal palace Ajit Bhawan- India’s First Heritage Hotel! For more details you may visit and

A Royal voyage- Vintage Cars in Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the city of royals and there’s one thing that adds to the grandeur of the city, and makes it even more fascinating is the fleet of Royal Vintage cars in the city.


Fleet of Vintage Cars at Ajit Bhawan

Isn’t it the sight of a life time when all the vintage cars in Jodhpur crawl out of their spaces and are displayed in full splendor. Every year at the Vintage car Rally, they are lined up at the Umaid Bhavan, with their occupants and then drive down to the Polo Grounds followed by the grand welcome with much fanfare and commentary.


Vintage car ready to welcome guests at Ajit Bhawan

That’s the moment one can cherish once in a year, but there’s this one place in Jodhpur- Ajit Bhawan Palace, which has its own fleet of royal, classic vintage cars ! For all the Vintage and Classic Car Lovers from Around the Globe, the Palace of Ajit Bhawan reserves a special experience on your trip to Jodhpur; it is the “Vintage and Classic Car Collection” of Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur.  The Collection includes more than a dozen of splendid vintage cars.

You can also enjoy a ride of the Jodhpur City in these vintage cars and taste the royalty. Whether you call them “classic” or “antique,” these cars that are over 20 years old tend to have a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. Don’t you think these classic cars, and for whatever reason, are just amazing and turns one passionate for their makes, models, and styles. You’ll find alluring colors, robust builds and intriguing details in each of these marvelous beauties.

Vintage Car Drive

Just as you are fancying right now, plan a trip to Jodhpur and take an exhilarating drive through the enchanting city of Jodhpur in a classic vintage car accompanied by your royal butler.

Tourist Places to visit in Jodhpur on World Tourism Day


Vintage Car Drive

The World Tourism Day is commended on September 27 every year since 1980. The day aims to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. It is marked with special cultural programmes and events across the world and so in Jodhpur!


The sun kissed city of Jodhpur has a wonderful history behind it. Jodhpur is dotted with rich tourism attractions like soaring forts and palaces shimmering in sandstone. The narrow lanes on the other side lead to an alluring world of antiques and handicrafts to offer a complete experience of this great city to the tourists!  Jodhpur, where history breathed and lived is one of the most vibrant places to make the most of World Tourism Day in Rajasthan! Here we have a list of few places to be visited by tourists in Jodhpur. In addition, there are also some marvelous tourism sites in Jodhpur that offer free entry to the tourists on World Tourism Day!

  1. Mehrangarh Fort Museum

With its spread out expanse, it prides to be one of the largest forts across the country. The breathtaking history, well-preserved heritage and impressive architecture of this fort make it the face of Jodhpur on national as well as global platform.

Mehrangarh Fort

  1. Jaswant Thada

The milky white marble complex features some beautiful portraits of the erstwhile rulers of Jodhpur and a memorial of the peacock that flew into a funeral pyre. Magnificently carved gazebos, an exquisite multi-tiered garden and a tiny lake surround this admirable cremation ground.


  1. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

This Desert Rock Park was developed in the year 2006, with the aim to restore the natural ecology of a large rocky wasteland area next to the Fort. The Park extends across 70 hectares of rehabilitated land and has a walking trail. It’s interesting to explore at different times of the year, as its foliage changes with the seasons.



  1. Government Museum

Visit this Museum on World Tourism Day for free to see a unique display of the rich collection of weapons, textiles, miniature portraits, local crafts and images of Jain sages. A visit to this popular museum is a must if you are a connoisseur of history and archaeology.


  1. Umaid garden Zoo

Meet the exotic African and Australian birds. Watch rabbits and ducks play among them in natural habitat as you visit the ‘Walk-in Aviary’ at the Umed Garden Zoo. You must pay a visit to this place if you are travelling with kids.

  1. Jai Pol

A handsome section of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort, Jai Pol is a massive gateway, constructed as a victory memorial. It is one of the seven entrances of the impressive citadel that is set atop a hillock. Even today, some cannon ball scars formed during the battle can be seen around the Pol, which are testimony of Jodhpur’s gallant history.


  1. Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

Visit the Umaid Bhawan Palace’s museum to admire the magnificence of erstwhile royalty through royal artifacts and armour, old clocks, glassware and other miniatures that are on display.



  1. Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, also popular as Ghanta Ghar , is a prominant landmark in the Old City of Jodhpur. Bazaar surrounding Clock Tower is a hub of shopping with more than a thousand small shops that sell a variety of products at quite a reasonable price. This bustling market is popular for selling spices, handicrafts, tea, sweets, jewellery and what not :).


Nevertheless, music, food, art and language too blend perfectly to give one a sprightly experience of Marwar in Jodhpur!  As the World Tourism Day is approaching, , Ajit Bhawan invites you to soak in the regalia of this bustling Blue City!

Village Safari- A Day with the People of Rural Marwar


The weather is fine and thanks to the monsoon rain that has made everything to blush and blossom everywhere in Jodhpur! So how about ditching all those conventional weekend chores and go for a thrilling Jeep safari to explore the rural lifestyle of Marwar in this pleasant weather?

The Bishnoi village safari on private jeep of Ajit Bhawan gives an opportunity to meet native people and learn the skills of indigenous artists residing in the village.


It’s the morning Jeep safari that takes our guests to the Bishnoi Village of Marwar region for a close look into the Rajasthani Desert Life!

Unlike the never ending sand dunes of Jaisalmer, this particular region of Jodhpur has dry scrub, and is full of mini settlements which are called ‘Dhani’. People in these Dhanis are indulged in livestock rearing, earthen pottery making, farming, weaving durries/carpets and other activities for living. During the Village Jeep Safari you also get to meet the Bishnois. They are the “world’s oldest environmentalists”, who hold trees and animal life sacred.

The Jeep Safari also takes you to the Desert wildlife of Jodhpur, which is also a very interesting and intriguing part of the rural Marwar. During winter, between November and February, the migratory winter birds arrive here in thousands to offer an awe inspiring experience to the spectators. It is recommended that you bring your binoculars.


Nevertheless, the scenic beauty of the village marked with khejri trees, natural lake and deer makes your village safari even more adventurous and exciting.

img_9770img_9852Birds in Jodhpur

So wait no more, and book your holiday with Ajit Bhawan to see the rustic and rural lifestyle of Rajasthan’s Marwar. And retire in your ultra lavish suite at Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur!

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Make your celebrations memorable at Ajit Bhawan

It’s celebration time in your family and you are planning for the party! Are you looking for a royal but less expensive place to host your next celebration in Jodhpur? Just imagine a royal Rajasthani setup complete with rich amenities, royal decorations and nature’s refreshing beauty amid imperial ambiances.


The state of Rajasthan, especially Jodhpur, is famous for royal weddings and extravagant celebrations for various occasions. When it comes to hosting a party, social celebration or get together every one needs a comfortable venue, which should be spacious, well maintained and offers a delightful experience to the guests. To fulfill these requirements, Ajit Bhawan has an absorbing banquet lawn where you can host corporate luncheons, buddy brunches, birthday, cocktail parties, wedding, mehandi or sangeet, and Anniversary dinner.


The magnificent theme of Royal Rajasthani with the impressions of contemporary touch makes this banquet lawn a perfect setup to host parties. The artistic decorations complementing red, golden, silver bolsters and couches add to the charm of celebrations at Ajit Bhawan’s banquet lawn.


The delicious food served to your guests, which is prepared by our expert chefs, adds to the joy of celebrating your special occasion at Ajit Bhawan. With the variety of cuisines on the platter and rich cocktails to accompany, any kind of celebration at Ajit Bhawan is memorable to the host and his guests.


With the delightful ambiances surrounding the Palace and ultra spacious parking, Ajit Bhawan’s Banquet Lawn can easily accommodate up to 400-500 guests to host your social and business events.

So, book now if you are soon to plan a party! Ajit Bhawan is a luxurious, spacious and a reputed address to host your special celebrations.


Indulge in spa therapies with a royal touch at India’s First Heritage Hotel- Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur


Rajasthan in current times is no longer just a holiday destination where travelers would roam like nomads from place to place. With the tremendous uplift in tourism industry, over the years, Rajasthan has welcomed travelers from various parts of the world. Most of those travelers are coming here for a medical and rejuvenation holiday.


The state, being a home to several spiritual and wellness centres, has emerged as one of the best places to indulge in spa therapies and wellness programmes. This influenced the tourism industry and Ajit Bhawan in Jodhpur to facilitate the guests of the hotel with Spa and Ayurvedic therapies during their stay.


If you want to feel fresh and rejuvenated after your long weekend trip and wish to experience the best of Spa treatments then head on to another refreshing vacation at Ajit Bhawan. Our personalized spa programmes offer to indulge in delighting spa treatments. You can even opt for private spa tents facing swimming pool surrounded by gardens.

Ajit Suites


The Spa and wellness centre at Ajit Bhawan holds an extensive menu of treatments including facials, body treatments and hot stone massages unveiling an un-imagined spa and spiritual journey along with a royal Rajasthani retreat. Ajit Bhawan replete with hundreds for species of plants and trees, comprising tasteful rooms with a touch of royalty and modernity… is undoubtedly a dream like palace to spend an ideal holiday in royal Rajasthan at India’s First Heritage Hotel!

773A8377_tonemapped copy copy

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10 Places to visit in Jodhpur this Weekend

Khamma Ghani!

When you have already decided to pick up “One of the most colorful cities in the world” Jodhpur, for your long weekend holiday, then you must know that you are about to experience the best holiday of the year! Ajit Bhawan- India’s first Heritage hotel welcomes you to Jodhpur for an exciting long weekend holiday!

Akit Bhawan

Welcome to Ajit Bhawan- India’s First Heritage Hotel

Jodhpur, nicknamed as the Sun City, is unquestionably one of the most historic and exuberant destinations to visit in Rajasthan. Dubbed as the Blue city for the azure bed of blue painted houses, Jodhpur is an awesome city for those who love to take a walk back in time on this long weekend break. Besides, the Blue City also welcomes those who love to soak in its traditions and colorful culture. So if you are one of those who is keen on the rich history of Rajasthan or want to experience a royal Rajasthani lifestyle, Jodhpur is the certainly the best pick for this long weekend break for you. Here’s a precise list of the best places to explore in Jodhpur that’ll make your trip to this Blue City worth it!

  1. Rise like a Dark Knight at Mehrangarh FortMehrangarh Fort

Built in the 15th century of red sandstone and rising on the 122 meters above the city, the formidable Mehrangarh Fort exemplifies Jodhpur’s azure skyline and other than its mighty structure, is one of the best photography spots in Jodhpur. The “work of giants”, as expressed by Rudyard Kipling, houses many places like Sheesh Mahal, darbaar hall and a museum- which has everything from weapons to palanquins on display.  After you are done from your morning Breakfast at Ajit Bhawan, you may head to explore the mighty fort of Mehrangarh as early hours are the best time to avoid the stabbing Sun!

  1. Soak in the Milky White grandeur of Jaswant ThadaJaswant-Thada-white-marble-cenotaph

Situated on a short distance from the mighty Mehrangarh Fort, is reckoned to be one of the best architectural landmarks in Jodhpur. Followed by the Mehrangarh Fort, you wouldn’t be able to miss a visit to Jaswant Thada, which is a mesmeric cenotaph built, in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, with white marbles and has many portraits of kings of Rathore. A tiered garden and a small lake in the premises make it more attractive.

  1. Marvel the beauty of Rao Jodha Desert Rock ParkRao Jodha Park1

In this monsoon season the gardens of the city everywhere are in full bloom!  On the foot hills of Mehrangharh Fort, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is an artificially created park a couple of years ago. It was constructed to preserve the rocky terrain of Jodhpur around the fort and to restore exotic plant species that belong to the Thar Desert. Spread over 200 acres, the park offers to see some of the exotic plant collections. So, if you really enjoy being surrounded by nature’s beauty, then this is the place for you.

  1. Bargain like a pro at Clock Tower Sardar Bazaarclock tower

The furbished clock tower is an iconic centerpiece of the old city of Jodhpur, and spread around its lanes lanes is the chaotic Sadar Market where you can indulge in shopping for famous fashion statement Jodhpur pants, bandhej fabrics and chunky jewellery. And if the flavors ofl Rajasthani cuisine has begun to grow on you, this is the place where you can get your spice fix.  In the adjoining neighborhood you will find traditional havelis, standing next to an army of street vendors. This is where all the action can be enjoyed! And, by the end of the day, you’ll be delighted to retire at your exquisite suite after all the fun in the city 🙂

  1. Gorge the local cuisines: it’s mostly spice all aroundmirchi bada Jodhpur

After the victorious shopping and bargain in the streets, it’s time to fill the belly! Like anywhere else in Rajasthan, the food in Jodhpur looks colorful, eye-popping and worth photographing. Don’t miss to sample fried street snacks like Mirchi Vada at the Clock Tower Market. Wash it down later on with a refreshing glass of Lassi- blended yoghurt.  Not to forget the “Laal Maans”, Jodhpur serves his rich red meat delicacy in best flavors.


  1. Vintage Wheels ride  to the Umaid Bhawan PalaceAjit Bhawan Jodhpur

One of the largest private residences in the world, Umaid Bhawan is the home to Maharaja Gaj Singh II and the royal family of Jodhpur. Adding glory to the city of Jodhpur, the Palace is poised atop Chittar Hill at the highest point of the city.  The opulent 347 room sandstone palace is divided into three sections: the royal residence, a museum, and heritage hotel.  Ajit Bhawan’s private fleet of Vintage cars is not just meant for display but takes you on a royal ride of the city including a trip to Umaid Bhawan! Don’t forget to “Waive like a Maharaja when you on your royal ride in Jodhpur”

Vintage Car Drive

  1. See like a local- a walk into the Blue CityBlue city

The oldest areas of Jodhpur stretch out at the foot of the Mehrangarh Fort replicating an expansive carpet of stubby blue buildings melding into the horizon. In stark contrast to the parched hues of the Thar Desert, the blue frontages lining the by-lanes breathe fresh life into the city. You’ll end up with some great shots while maneuvering the alleyways. Try to go before the sun sets and return for a delightful royal dinner at Ajit Bhawan. .


  1. Drive down to the shimmering Balsamand LakeBalsamand Lake Palace

Some five kilometres from Ajit Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, Balsamand Lake is one of the major attractions for those visiting Jodhpur. It’s an artificially constructed lake, which was earlier used as a water reservoir for the villagers of Mandore. Surrounded by verdant greenery and vantage point of the lake appear breathtaking in this time of the year when the garden’s flora blossoms beautifully.

  1. Pay homage to the Motorbike God- Bullet Baba on NH4Bullet-Baba-shrine-in-Rajasthan2

A unique and unconventional temple in Jodhpur, Om Banna Temple, also known as Bullet Baba Temple, is a temple located in Pali district near Jodhpur. The temple is famous and is thronged by many as here the 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet is the main deity.

10. Admire the magnificence of Mandore Gardens and its cenotaphs


With history dated back to 6th century, way too earlier than the establishment of Jodhpur, Mandore Gardens is a must visit place, which accommodates great traditional values and marvelous ancient architecture . The garden comprises of a museum, ‘Hall of Heroes’ and a temple dedicated to the 33 crore Hindu Gods. Other than being the the best place to learn about the historical importance of Jodhpur city, Mandore Garden is the best place for monsoon retreat.

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