Khichan- a remote village in Jodhpur that welcomes thousands of Demoiselle cranes for Bird Watchers!


Rajasthan apart from being a destination of magnificent forts and palaces, from a couple of years has become a prominent tourist destination for nature enthusiasts. Moreover, the state has turned into a bird lovers’ paradise after the renovation of  prime lakes and ponds. Given the spurt in the number of migratory birds at various locations this year, not just ornithologists, even ordinary birdwatchers and environmentalists are upbeat and are looking forward to the state being harnessed as a destination for bird lovers.

Birds in Jodhpur

Every winter Jodhpur attracts thousands of migratory birds from foreign lands, demoiselle cranes being vast in number. Khichan, a village in Phalodi tehsil of Jodhpur is known for a large number of demoiselle cranes that visit this remote area of Jodhpur every winter. This annual bird migration began with around a hundred cranes in the 1970s, when a local couple started feeding pigeons. Other villagers joined their efforts, and as of 2014, Khichan hosted over 30,000 demoiselle cranes from as early as August each year to as late as March of the following year.


Last year in January they made a record by crossing the count of 80 thousand demoiselle cranes making the Khichan village of Jodhpur a prime destination for birdwatchers!

Birds in Jodhpur

This year again we are expecting a huge number of demoiselle cranes in Jodhpur! So, dear bird watchers, get ready with your gears and head to the Khichan village for an exciting bird watching safari!!

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